Innovative Products for Elevators and Escalators

The patent pending Geosen Escalator and ADA handrail cleaning products offer a unique method for cleaning the rubber handrails on escalators and moving sidewalks.

Escalator Handrail Rubber Cleaning System

Add the escalator handrail cleaning system to your regular escalator cleaning routine. Cleans the escalator handrail while the escalator runs. Specially designed microfiber cleaning pads attached to molded pad holders that clean the rubber hand rails from “bead to bead”. Non-motorized safe and simple to use cleaning system. Can be used while the escalator/moving walkway is being used by the public.

Provides for a cleaner environment by removing dirt, grime and bacteria. Prolongs the life of the rubber hand rail.


The first and only cleaning system designed to clean and maintain all configurations of ADA hand rails. Removes dirt, grime and bacteria quickly from ADA hand rails.

Most hand rails are not cleaned on a regular basis, if at all. GEOSEN offers a safe and simple non-motorized system to quickly remove the dirt, grime and bacteria with the specially designed microfiber cleaning pads and pad holders. The ADA hand rail cleaning system may be mounted to the GEOSEN HRC cart, or other janitorial carts, to effortlessly and quickly clean and maintain thousands of feet of ADA hand rails. Use the GEOSEN cleaner and conditioner to thoroughly clean the ADA hand rail or a disinfectant or sanitizer can be applied to further protect the public from bacteria living on the ADA hand rails.


GEOSEN has worked with a leading chemical manufacturer to develop cleaning chemicals that clean the rubber surface on escalator hand rails without damaging the rubber.

Both of GEOSEN’S cleaners are ready to use products ensuring that the proper amount of chemical to water ratio is used to clean the rubber hand rails without wasting the product by using too much chemical or too little of the chemical is used wasting time by having to clean numerous times to achieve the desired cleaning.

GEOSEN chemicals not only clean the rubber hand rails they condition the rubber, prolonging the life of the hand rail thus reducing expensive repair and replacement.

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