Innovative Products for Elevators and Escalators


GEOSEN has worked with a leading chemical manufacturer to develop cleaning chemicals that clean the rubber surface on escalator hand rails without damaging the rubber. The two formulations are made with several cosmetic grade surface-active agents and other ingredients that are safe for the handrails and the end user. Other ingredients in the formulations such as wetting agents, sequestrates, conditioners, chelates and natural degreasers are biodegradable and are safe for your equipment. The added corrosion inhibitor helps protect all metal surfaces. Extensive testing of the formulations on the handrail samples have not shown any degradation to the materials. A 48-hour soak test did not show any softening or separation of the rubber or other components in the handrails. (Just very clean rails). The effective cleaning performance of the cleaners and conditioner should allow the handrails to perform with less wear and tear for many more years of service.

Both of GEOSENíS cleaners are ready to use products ensuring that the proper amount of chemical to water ratio is used to clean the rubber hand rails without wasting the product by using too much chemical or too little of the chemical is used wasting time by having to clean numerous times to achieve the desired cleaning.

GEOSEN chemicals not only clean the rubber hand rails they condition the rubber, prolonging the life of the hand rail thus reducing expensive repair and replacement.

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